Tony Jopia


Tony Jopia has produced for broadcast giants such as BSB, Sky, ITV, Carlton Television, FilmFour. Creative Managed Disney Channels across Europe, Senior Produced Children's ITV in Birmingham and Manchester. Spent 11 years with Sony Pictures Television as Head of Creative across their Western Europe Networks which included Movie, Entertainment and Children’s Channels.

As a Producer/Director Tony has produced many music videos, commercials and social media content for a variety of clients, businesses and community based projects.

Alongside the commercial work Tony has Produced Television pilots for Sony, Flextech, ITV and WW2 scripted action drama Suicide Platoon for Movies4Men now being reworked into a feature film planned for filming 2022. In 2021 he delivered his fifth feature film 'Creatures' to be globally released in 2021/22. Also due for completion in 2021 is Blade of the Assassin, a full on action martial arts feature made in collaboration with Movieworks Int released in Autumn 2022. Recently delivered is Wolfshead, a supernatural take on the Robin Hood legend and development work has commenced on the Latin musical Playa Marina.

Irma Mejia


As a producer for the Latin Media Company Irma uses her expert knowledge of Latin America to provide concepts and project development across various aspects of the broadcast and media sectors.

Irma creatively organises various Latin themed cultural and promotional events and festivals, collaborating with key public figures and Latin music artists across the world.

An excellent bilingual communicator in Spanish and English and professional linguist with 20 years experience of consecutive and simultaneous Spanish interpreting plus technical and audiovisual translation for a variety of government, corporate, and educational organisations both in the UK and Latin America.

Extensive fieldwork experience in Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries involving field research, face-to-face interviews and data collection, telephone and video conferencing and production of written reports and audio visual content in both Spanish and English. Specialist knowledge of Latin American Arts, Culture, Sustainability and International Development and skilled in Project Management; Small Enterprise Development, NGO Management & Strategy.


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