Full Production and Filming Services

We are an experienced production company crewing entirely productions of all scales and budgets. From Music Videos to Commercials to Feature Films to Television Programmes our services and experience can handle most challenges.

At the heart of our work is the drive to give organisations and people a platform for their voice. We believe in the power of video, the use of social media and messages that speak to a global audience and reach the highest impact it can create. Our goal is to harness that power, and align with our client's objectives to inspire social, cultural and professional cooperate aliases with Latin American countries and business as well as promote the culture positively to the rest of the world.

We use our expertise and experience in Digital Marketing, Broadcast branding and Media Production  to offer consultancy on how best to utilise the videos we create, online and on Social platforms. Think of us as your personal in-house video production team, delivering high quality content for your strategy when you need it.


Promote your business, events, and services, excite and engage your prospective clients and audiences with bespoke eye-catching filmed productions. Whether it's 10 seconds or 10 minutes, whatever the length let's make it stand out! We have the experience to work to set budgets of all scales but still push the creative limits. We have the team to create any type of video.

From Cooperate to Web from broadcasting and documentary to music videos. We have the experience, the crews, and the mind to bring to life your ideas and projects.


It starts with your own unique message, we take that message, and we develop a video marketing strategy around it.

Video is the most diverse and influential medium to connect with your target audience. You need to tell your story, you need to be heard, you need to stand out amongst all of the other content out there. You need to let the world know you mean business.

How do you tell that story? With video marketing. Video is an extremely influential approach to a marketing push; it convinces, encourages, and energises a target audience to make up their minds


Animated content is fast becoming the go to medium for delivering facts and complex information.

Our team of animators can produce animation motion graphics that are informative, stylised, and effective. In addition, we have the skills, software, and assets needed to build motion graphic overlays, animated segments of live action videos.

Even entirely animated videos are available. From in-house training tutorials to graphic presentations – these videos are perfect for displaying a large amount of complex information quickly and effectively.


Make sure your video reflects your company and gives off the right impression to your target audience.This is where our approach to concept development comes in. As a part of the pre-production phase, before even thinking about filming, we’re thinking about your audience. Who are they, what are they looking for, how does your product or service resonate with them? The answer to these and more questions lay the foundation for the concept and key message of the video.

We use user research methodologies with a strong foundation in scientific studies. This approach helps us to develop cinematic content that fits your audience. This is why concept development and pre-production is so important. We make your film before we even pick up a camera.


Your script is a crucial document in the video production process.

At the Latin Media Company we’ve got the right people with years of experience in the video production process to translate your message into a rich script, translate or create bespoke words in English or Spanish.

We’ll make sure that it resonates with your audience. It takes time to write a script, but you get that time back as a result when filming, editing creating. Editing to a clearly defined script saves time and money in the post-production process as the editor can use the script to really gauge what the message is about. Our bilingual team can help you gather the right words in your creative campaign. Words that can make a massive difference to the project's objective.